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With just a few days before the official launch of Ice and Fire DLC (30 January 2014) for King's Bounty Warriors of the North, having played over 25 hours, we barely finished enough content of the game to let you know it's going to be worth your time and money. So you've played King's Bounty The Legend, Crossworlds, Armored Princess, but many of you say that Warriors of the North is the worst part of the series. Let's agree to disagree. I've played them all, including Warriors of the North, and with the Ice and Fire DLC additions i can only say that the whole story-line, game mechanics, overall play-time and complexity went over my expectations. For a while I've been a huge fan of Heroes of Might & Magic series, but when King's Bounty series came along, it beat the crap out of HoMM. These are some big words, but putting together all the elements that define a good Turn-based / RPG / Strategy game, King's Bounty came on 1st place just before HoMM.

So we begin our journey with young Olaf, son of Tormund the Northling King, to see how Ice and Fire additions changed the base game concept. Overall, there are some new quests added to the main story, and a pack of new side-quests. There are even some small hints that guide you to The Ice Gardens, the small island covered with snow, brought to us by Ice and Fire. As we know, at the beginning of the game you can choose your hero path, a Viking (warrior type), a Skald (leader/tactician type) or a Soothsayer (magician type).

Now comes one of the most important aspects of Ice and Fire. There is a Creature Skill System which provides your army with the possibility to gain experience as long as you take action during a fight with that type of unit, by attacking or using skills. There are 10 levels available for each unit, and every level provides that unit with certain points which define their role. Some examples would be: Attack, Defense, Resistance, Critical Hit, Runes, etc. Have in mind the fact that Ice and Fire brings along another 20 new creatures, many of the ones you already know have been reworked and you will have the "pleasure" of meeting the Snow Elves and Necro-Lizardmen.

To aid you in the fight there are also the Attack, Protection and Luck runes which your units can use during a fight. Add some TONS of different spells and the hero abilities and you'll have the most fun and diversity you ever wished into a battle.

 After using your hero's spells, after a while, depending on how many times you used them, they will level-UP. The same will happen to Olaf. When Olaf levels-UP, he receives Talent Runes (Might, Mind, and Magic runes). These can also be found in during his adventures. You can use them to upgrade any of your abilities found in one of the 3 Skill Trees.

And that's not all. Valkyries will come to your aid during the campaign. You'll have to search for them and even do some quests. But once you'll find them, you'll gain their support throughout the battle. Each one has a passive bonus, you can ask them to take control of your troops rune management and even tell them to cast a spell just before a hard fight. Also, you can "upgrade" the Valkyries by offering them items from your inventory. So don't be cheap when you can buy the whole items from a store. Later it would be worth your investment.

Are you an Achievement hunter? Do you like special Awards which will bring you even more passive bonuses? Or maybe you like changing your hero's Titles just to feel that you are indeed a great adventurer? Well, you've come to the right place. This game has a great bunch of these and trust me, you'll feel a huge satisfaction when you will accomplish them.

There are a lot of adventures in this game. From snowy to warm lands, from pirates and undead, from Endoria to Hades, you'll never believe that it takes so much time to finish all the quests, hear all the gossip and wander every path in this world. The storyline is fabulous, humor has it's place and your mind will be put to a challenge if you want to complete the quests. You'll even have to dig for treasures, upgrade you items by fighting the Keepers, and endure huge boss battles ...

At some point I reached a couple of rumors about the Ice Gardens. You can ask around, but none of the characters would point you to an exact location. Some of them will call you crazy, some of them didn't even hear about the Ice Gardens, but fear not, you will find navigation maps and soon you will be closer and closer to reaching the that marvelous place from the Ice and Fire DLC - The Ice Gardens.

 I don't want to spoil the fun in finding this place nor the beauty of the land. But be warned. More challenges await for you on the journey to discover the Ice Gardens. Again, we've played over 25 hours deep in this game, on EASY mode, and even so we found ourselves in difficult situations. Not to mention the fact that i don't believe we even completed half of the content. Well, having said, we really enjoyed this game. Not considering the negative criticism brought to this game by a couple of HoMM fan-boys, i really encourage you to buy the Ice and Fire DLC. And if you don't own the base game ... BUY IT + the DLC ! NOW ! :)

Official website

Steam PageKing's Bounty: Warriors of the North (the Ice and Fire DLC will be up on 30 January)

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2 Raspunsuri pana acum.

  1. V says:

    I don’t get it..
    I start the game and it shows the background of the ICE and FIRE, but the campaign starts exactly the same way.
    Is that intentional??

  2. Cristi Vesa says:

    Hy V,

    As I mentioned in this review, the Ice and Fire brings along a few additions to the base game. The main story is pretty much the same, but there are a lot of new elements. Let’s put it this way: it the same King’s Bounty Warriors of the North you played before but with the Ice and Fire DLC you will get an “enhanced edition” for what you played before: new quests, mechanics, items, creatures, etc