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Legends of Eisenwald is now officially released! After spending some time on Steam Early Access, the old-school RPG is finally complete and ready to welcome more players into its merciless medieval world.

For launch week, players can take 15% off Legends of Eisenwald!

Check out the game on Steam!

Players who bought Legends of Eisenwald on Early Access will receive The Road to the Iron Forest, a DLC serving as a prequel to the main campaign. This bonus content will be implemented within the next few months.

About Legends of Eisenwald

The heroes in Eisenwald aren’t your typical dragon-slaying sorcerers, but relatable characters guided by a desire for glory, wealth, and even romance. Imagine a world in which medieval superstitions are true, but without the clichés of several fantasy games. Expect divination, alchemy, and a few magical creatures, but no elves or fireballs!

Main Features

  • Play as a Knight, Mystic, or Baroness and experience a different story depending on your choice.
  • Discover a dynamic turn-based combat system in which attack is synonymous with movement.
  • Manage equipment and upgrade your units to customize your battalion.
  • Take over castles to strengthen your troops, then defend them with all you’ve got.

About Aterdux Entertainment

Aterdux Entertainment is an independent game development company located in Minsk, Belarus. The studio found its start when four game enthusiasts came together in 2002 to begin work on Discord Times. Aterdux self-published its first title in 2004, then took a break before starting on Legends of Eisenwald, an evolution and reimagining of Discord Times.

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