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Articole cu tagul "kalypso media"

Humble Bundle Sale – Kalypso Media Bracknell, UK, 12th September, 2014 - Kalypso Media, in conjunction with Humble Bundle, has a fantastic new offering of games in this week’s Humble Bundle Sale. Starting today, players can name their price on a collection of great Kalypso games via the Humble Bundle ‘Choose  [...]
Rise of Venice – Gold Edition Out Now Across UK Begin your journey towards fame, wealth and power, as the award-winning trading strategy game Rise of Venice is now available to purchase across UK and Export retail as a comprehensive boxed Gold Edition that includes all previously released additional content. Become an intrepid explorer and  [...]
Kalypso Announces Dungeons 2 for Spring 2015 Bracknell, UK – 7th August 2014 – If terrifying dungeons filled with hordes of loyal minions and underworld domination are your thing, then look no further! Leave your fear at the door and once again dare to enter the lair of the Dungeon Lord, as  [...]
Patrician IV Gold & Port Royale 3 Gold Double Pack Bracknell, UK – 4th July 2014 – Kalypso Media is pleased to announce Patrician IV Gold & Port Royale 3 Gold Double Pack is scheduled for a European retail and global digital release on 25th July 2014  for PC. Rise up through the Hanseatic League and gain  [...]
Omerta – City of Gangsters Gold Edition Available Kalypso Media is pleased to announce that Omerta - City of Gangsters Gold Edition, a comprehensive version of the acclaimed gangster sim, is available to purchase today in retail stores as a boxed copy. This edition includes the main game Omerta - City of Gangsters,  [...]
Tropico 5 – Work Together or Rule Alone Tropico is the land of opportunity: a blank slate where any political ideal or mad inspiration can be made possible. The debut of multiplayer in Tropico 5 means you can finally inflict all these ideas upon your friends – whatever they may be! Will you  [...]
Kalypso Media Releases Omerta – City of Gangsters Gold Edition Kalypso Media are thrilled to announce that a comprehensive Gold Edition of the acclaimed gangster sim Omerta - City of Gangsters will be available to purchase later today via digital download portals for PC and Mac. A boxed retail version will be available on 25th April across UK and  [...]
Kalypso Media Steam Strategy Weekend Sale Bracknell, UK – 14th March 2014 – Kalypso Media has a mouth-watering sale on Steam this weekend where you can save a massive 75% on a large selection of our strategy titles and DLC. Strategy fans will have the opportunity to purchase top Kalypso games: such as Tropico 4 Collectors Bundle, Dungeons  [...]
Tropico 5 for PlayStation 4 Bracknell, UK – 30th January 2014 – Kalypso Media is thrilled to announce that Tropico 5, the next instalment of the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed Tropico city-builder series, is currently in development for PlayStation®4. Developed by Haemimont Studios, Tropico 5 will see the series  [...]
Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar Bracknell, UK – 16th January 2014 – Kalypso Media are pleased to announce that Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar, the historical real-time strategy title from Longbow Digital Arts, will be the first title released on its digital-first label Kasedo Games. Kasedo Games, formerly known  [...]